How to arrive and park


Two are the main “entrance” to get in the Carcaraia area: Vagli di Sotto and Gorfigliano village

From Vagli di Sotto: you have to drive (or walk) to Vagli Sopra village and then follow Gorfigliano sign. The road climbs till a 4 crossroads where you find indication to Campocatino, Roggio and Gorfigliano. We suggest you to visit Campocatino, an amphitheatre-like valley formed by glacial erosion at the base of Roccandagia mountain. The very small sheepard village had been recently restored and it’s a little jewel. If you, alternatively, take the direction to Roggio village, you find a route with wonderful chestnut trees, the ideal landscape for a quiet and silent walk. At the 4 crossroads, follow Gorfigliano direction to reach the Carcaraia area and, at the first crossroads on the left, take the climbing road through the wood. After a few kilometers, you find a short tunnel. Here you have to park your car and to go ahead by walking: the “Meno1000 path” starts from this point.

From Gorfigliano: drive till Gorfigliano Sport camp area and from here take the only paved route, that climbs to the wood. Take the first paved crossroads on your right. The route climbs into the wood till a short tunnel. Here you have to park your car and to go ahead by walking: the “Meno 1000 pathway” starts from this point.



It is not easy and fast to reach Carcaraia by public transportation. Below you find the available options:

By Train: from FF.SS rail station Poggio-Careggine-Vagli (Lucca-Aulla rail line), take the public coach to Vagli di Sotto and Vagli di Sopra (VAIBUS – Castelnuovo-Poggio-Vagli di Sopra line)

By Coach: Vagli di Sopra and Vagli di Sotto are connected to Castelnuovo di Garfagnana by the coach line VAIBUS – Castelnuovo-Poggio-Vagli di Sopra. From Vagli, the only way to reach the Carcaraia area, is by walking, following the same indication provided for car drivers. It takes approximately 1-hour; alternatively you can try hitch-hiking!