Basics before leaving

Below you find the main info basics you need to know and be awared of:
the recommended and best time to hike the “Meno100 pathway” is since late spring (May-June) till Fall time (October-November).
it’s strongly recommended to not hike this path if weather condition are uncertain or bad (fog, thunderstorm, icing-chilling weather, snow).

What brings with you:
Along the path, you have NO chance of water caches, so start with an appropriate amount you guess to need. In summer time, temperature can be really hot and dry, so we suggest you to carry 2 liters/person.
Hiking/Trekking apparel: shell-rain jacket, gloves, cap-hat, trekking boots, torch-light. The weather can rapidly change on Apuane Alps and wind is quite common at Passo della Focolaccia.
It’s strongly recommended to keep your mobile phone with you and in case of emergency, you can contact Incaso di bisogno -118.
Moreover, having a mobile with internet connection, gives you the opportunity to read the QR code on the 12 info panels located along the path.
The mobile line is approximately quite good and below you find the main phone-company coverage:
TIM – 80%
WIND – 20%

It is suggested to bring a camera with you, as it is to have a GPS, even if the path is tracked by CAI signs.


It is strongly recommended to:
NOT hiking the path in case of snow, chill-ice, fog, bad weather condition
NOT lean at the cave-entrance due to the danger of fall
NOT hike the path with no light-torch neither mobile to contact rescue assistance
During all year-around it is mandatory to have the appropriate equipment and being able to use it.